Gyanmitra brings many years of experience and the traditional knowledge of yoga and tantra learned under one of the finest and probably the only living lineage of the gurus in India.

SWAN Foundation for Ayurveda and Yoga Research Mallorca and Ibiza, is a unique space where the East and the West meet and create a unique blend in which the best of both the worlds is on offer for our participants.


Opportunity for yoga beginners

Experience yoga in it’s most authentic way, our retreats are special opportunity for yoga beginners to start their yoga journey under experienced guidance and for long time practitioners to deepen their practice. Many years of experience of teachers has enabled them to understand the need of each individual and we pay a lot of emphasis on bringing the knowledge in such way it become easy to understand. Write to us for any query about the schedule of the classes or questions related to our retreats or other services.

If you are planning a visit to India for a yoga retreat in Goa. You can join us in our yoga ashram retreat in Goa India

SWAN yoga retreat in Goa, India is a unique retreat center run on the principles of an Ashram, visit the website for finding details about our yoga vacations, retreats, workshops and the yoga teachers training program.

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