Indulge in the calmness of the village.

Where are our retreats made?

In wild nature…

A charming rustic house, surrounded by trees, in the middle of the island of Mallorca.

A garden of 40,000 m2 in the heart of Mallorca, 2 km from the town of Sant Joan. A large Mediterranean garden with different environments, where you can walk, relax, enjoy the Balearic nature, or chill in the swimming pool area, surrounded by sun loungers and hammocks. All this in a framework of peace, silence and tranquility.

We have 2 Yoga Shalas: the Sol room and the Luna room, of 90 m2 diaphanous, with floating wooden floor, stereo (4 speakers) and air conditioning. The Rainbow room with 44 m2 diaphanous, cork floor, stereo (4 speakers) and air conditioning.

The house is rustic and comfortable, with heating, wooden furniture, single rooms, two and three people, depending on the needs of the group.

A large dining room that opens to the porch, tables that are spread throughout the garden creating different more playful and independent environments.

Bathrooms inside and outside the house. Several terraces to enjoy the place, one with beautiful views of the sunset over the Tramontana, the jewel of the island, our mountain range. A mountain range whose name comes from the Latin transmontanus-i, “from beyond the mountain” is a cold and turbulent wind from the northeast or north. This mountain range is located in the northwest of the island of Mallorca, which reaches up to 1.436 meters high.

The lands of San Juan were integrated at the time of the conquest of Jaime I of Aragon in the Muslim district of Yiynau-Bitra. Being in the center of the island, there are different beaches within 20-30 minutes by car, such as Sa Canova in Son Serra de Marina, Ses Salines, Strenc, etc.

The climate of San Juan is, like the rest of the Balearic Islands, Mediterranean weather. Belonging to “es Pla de Mallorca”, the town of San Juan located within this area, is warmer and drier than other parts of the island.

On June 24th the celebration of the “Sun that Dances” is celebrated, coinciding with the summer solstice. Other parties are the Fourth Sunday or the Bread and the Fish (the fourth Sunday of Lent) and the Feast of the Butifarrón, at the beginning of October.

Around there are many beautiful places to visit, meditate, enjoy …

Pure Mediterranean essence, pure mountain and sea air.

Who can join ?

If you are a beginner to yoga this is a great opportunity to introduce yourself to the life changing science of yoga. If you are an experienced practitioner you can deepen your practice and also learn many new thing which will be taught by a very experienced teacher.

What will you learn ?

You will be learning and experiencing the following.

Introduction to Asana (physical postures),
Pranayama (breathing exercises), Mudras (psychic gestures), Kriyas (yogic cleansing techniques) , Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation technique), Meditation and the Philosophy of Yoga, Sacred Tantric Fire rituals.

Our Retreat Schedule

  • 0630 to 0715 Morning Meditation
  • 0715 to 0800 Tea and Fresh Fruits
  • 0800 to 0930 Asana Pranayam (physical practice and breath exercises)
  • 1015 to 1115 Buffet Brunch
  • 1300 to 1345 Yoga Nidra
  • 1400 to 1500 Tea Fruits
  • 1600 to 1800 Asana Pranayama
  • 1900 to 2000 Dinner

Upcoming Dates

  • 13 to 20 June 2020
  • 18 to 25 July 2020
  • 15 to 22 August 2020

Silvia Devi, Yoga Teacher

Silvia Devi is disciple of Swami Viran, who descends from Swami Yogananda lineage. She mainly learnt under his guidance she’s also been trained in India by other traditional teachers such as as Yogi Vishnu in Rishikesh , Dr. Omanand Paramanand in Indore, she has a degree in Yoga Therapy. She is also Instructor of Yoga Nidra, specialist in Nutrition and Ayurveda, Silvia is currently teaching Yoga in Mallorca.

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Single Occupancy

Double Occupancy


Non Residential


This property was abandoned many years ago, and when Rosa and Claudio took it over in 2012, it was in a really bad state.
The oldest building is more than 100 years old. Both houses have been totally renovated: heating and air conditioning were installed, all the outside carpentry and roof were remade using the original materials, as well as electrical installations and pipes were changed.

The renovation was completed in June 2014, and since then the house is being rented out as a vacacional … 9 months a year.

The main characteristic of Son Blanc is the concept of total respect towards the original structures. With this in mind, the renovation was done using a lof the materials and elements already present.
Keeping in the same line, Claudio has converted these materials into the interior decoration of both houses. As just one example of many, the dining table and the bathroom furniture was made of the old ceiling beams.

The two houses that make up this property, share a small salt water pool and a patio.
Old house: On the ground floor of 28 m2, there’s a small open kitchen and a dining area. The space is visually divided by a wooden staircase leading to the first floor. This floor also counts with the same space, with a big bedroom (bedroom number 1 OM with a 160cm double bed), a bathroom and a small seating area.

New house: The ground floor has a double bedroom (bedroom number 2 KRISHNA with a 160 cm double bed), a living room and a bathroom with glassed shower. On the first floor there’s a double bedroom (bedroom number 3 YAMUNA with a 160cm double bed) with direct access to a small terrace

  • Internet Access: through optic fiber with high speed connection in the whole premises.
  • Pool: With salt water to avoid the use of chemical chlorine.
  • Room cleaning: If you wish to get your rooms clean or need fresh towels you always ask.
  • We see the food we eat as the primary way of gaining and maintaining a healthy body and mind. In our kitchen, we use vegetarian, and to the biggest extent organic, local and seasonal ingredients.
    Foods at our Retreat