Ayurveda yoga massage in Mallorca

Yoga massage originates from India and is a combination of asanas and oil massage. The technique is sometimes called ”lazy mans yoga” since the treatment gives the same benefits as yoga. Through gentle pressure and stretching we release tension and work with muscles as well as the nervous system and connective tissues. The positive effects are deepened breathing, increased blood circulation and stressrelief. The treatment suits everyone but is highly recommended for depression, lack of sleep, anxiety, hormonal disorders and problem with the immune system.

Deep relaxation, peace and tranquility are words often used by my clients to describe the feeling after a treatment.

About me

Lina Johansson is a yogateacher and a masseur. She is trained at Axelsons Gymnastic Institute in Sweden and at various yoga retreats in Thailand, Mallorca and India. She studied Ayurvedic Yogamassage (AYM) with Master Kusum Modak, the founder of AYM, in Pune India.

To me yoga is about freedom. The freedom of being who I am, without doubts, thoughts or expectations. Yoga help me reach that point of peace where non of the outer world matters. And my intention is for you to feel the same. My classes are based on a gentle flow with a combination of asanas, breathing- and focus exercises. To get to know and connect with your own body is more important than perfection.


My students usually describe my style as relaxed and free from standards. My intention is to make you feel relaxed and energized as well as sweaty and happy.